Before you get started on the Venture Learning courses, it's important to identify a good problem to solve. Below is some information to help you navigate that process and achieve success on your entrepreneurial journey.

Research the Problem

The first thing you need to do to figure out how to solve your problem is to conduct research. You should start by conducting general internet research to answer questions such as: Who has this problem and how many people experience this? Why is this problem important? Are there any ways people have already tried to solve this problem? 

Talk to Your Customers

After you have some general information about your customer, you will want to go directly to them to learn more about their thoughts on the problem. It’s important to talk to your customers both to get a deep understanding of how they experience this problem and to make sure you are creating a solution they will use and are willing to spend money on.

Define the Problem

Writing a problem statement is important because it will help you make sure the rest of your project is focused on the right problem. If your problem statement isn’t specific, then you won’t have enough information to guide you to the correct solution.

Choose a Solution

Now that you have researched your problem and have a clear and easy to understand problem statement, you are ready to start thinking of ways to solve this problem. You will first brainstorm different solutions. You then need to determine how well those solutions fix the problem before making a final choice.